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Your website helps establish your business’s brand and credibility, and your domain is often the first thing clients see. Finding a domain name that is unique, memorable and easy to spell helps your clients remember you.

Keep search engines in mind

Your domain name matters on search engine results. The domain name is one of the first places that search engines like Google look to collect information from your website to understand what your website is about, so they can determine the relevancy and rank of your website when listing results.

Choose a domain extension

A domain name always ends with a period followed by a domain extension also known as TLD (top-level domain extensions) with .com being the most common. Nowadays domain extensions are more descriptive like .marketing or .design, which gives you more options to customize your name.

Which domain extensions can I buy at InstaWeb™?


The most used and recognized domain name extension in the world. Generally intended for commercial use.


An abbreviation for “information”, it is generally intended for sites that are informational or educational.


Short for “organization” this TLD is widely used by non-profit groups or trade associations.


An abbreviation for “business”, this domain extension is associated with for-profit businesses and companies.


The .net domain extension is associated with online businesses, startups and the cutting edge world of high-tech.


An abbreviation for “company,” this extension became popular because many .com sites are already taken.


This domain extension is great for personal brands and is fitting for a blog, resume or a personal site.


Ideal for businesses related to television, this TLD is associated with sites that include a rich media experience such as video, audio or streaming.


This type of domain is referred to as a Country Code Top-Level Domain or a ccTLD. This TLD is specific to sites based in the United Kingdom.

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