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InstaWeb will take your web building experience to a new level, providing a wide array of tools that will help you take full control of your website.

Compatible With Any Device

If your website only looks good on a computer, what’s the point? InstaWeb is designed to ensure your website looks its best anywhere.

All of our templates have been designed with device compatibility in mind. Because of this, your website will always look how you want it to look, regardless if it's being viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. With InstaWeb, your audience will be able to access all of your website all of the time.


Powerful Control

InstaWeb’s dashboard will simplify your website building experience while providing you with plenty of options and complete creative control. Our customizable templates will ensure you always end up with a good-looking, functional, and entirely unique website that fits your needs.

Fantastic Experience

Website building shouldn’t fill you with dread. InstaWeb’s web-building program is designed to be simple and user-friendly. Whether your website is for personal or professional use, InstaWeb will give you the tools needed to create a website that is entirely you, entirely stress-free.



InstaWeb sites are created using the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding in order to ensure complete compatibility with all and any Internet browsers and devices. Additionally, all of our templates are designed with Responsive Web Design (RWD) in mind.


InstaWeb’s Style Editor allows you to personalize all of your website’s fonts, colors, and templates so that you can create the completely-customized website your brand deserves and needs.


If you don’t already have a custom domain, buying one can seem daunting. InstaWeb makes it simple, allowing you to quickly and easily register for a custom domain through InstaWeb itself.


Figuring out your website traffic analytics doesn’t have to be complicated. InstaWeb allows you to view all your site traffic easily and efficiently, with information about where your audience came from, how they found you, and more.


Typing URLs is a thing of the past—people just don’t do that anymore, making search engines key for websites. Because of this, InstaWeb sites are designed with search engines such as Google in mind. Using proper tagging, standard HTML, XML sitemaps, and valid XHTML code, we can assure you that search engines will always find your website.


Nowadays social media is important for any digital brand. InstaWeb allows you to seamlessly combine your social media presence with your website, ensuring that you’ll always be connected to your social media audience.


Downloading constantly changing software is a pain no one wants to deal with. InstaWeb is both scalable and self-sufficient which means that your website will maintain and update itself without the need for future upgrades, installations, patches, or more importantly, your help.


Custom e-mail addresses are priceless and allow you to have the e-mail name you’ve always wanted. InstaWeb allows you to easily create and manage a custom e-mail linked to your website domain with our E-Mail Control Center.


InstaWeb is dedicated to growth. We plan to continue listening to our users, evolving alongside them, and developing new and exciting features for all InstaWeb sites in order to maximize user experience. So stay tuned and remember to keep checking back!